Angel Ink Collection

I added this page of ink to Elijah’s blog after I got my portrait done of him to mark his 7th Birthday – and I have loved to share it and provide a place for other to share Tattoos celebrating our family whose lives are touched by Angelman Syndrome. There are some for those who have gone before and and those who still with us. Click on the image for a larger picture. If you have angelman related ink you would like me to include in my collection please email me

Click on each image to see it larger.




The Angelman Ink Collection, Angelman Tattoo Collection, Angelman Syndrome Ink, Angelman Syndrome Tattoo 


13 Responses to Angel Ink Collection

  1. Renee Stucker says:

    I too have gotten a tattoo for my daughter MaKenzie who was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome at age 1 1/2 now 4. It was a wonderful way for me to express my love and admiration for my beautiful baby girl. She loves it, always looking at my tattoo like she knows it is for her.

  2. Randy Ferguson says:

    Christy Welse You literally took the words that I use often They don’t need words and their demeanor is such that you cant help but smile. I know that my Levi’s joy is so infectious its amazing to see. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Loz Bremner says:

    I haven’t made it yet?

  4. Stephanie Ward says:

    I have one for my daughter. It says her name with the Angelman Angel over top. My next Angelman one will be larger wings with the saying “sometimes an Angel needs help to fly”. Thanks for sharing these tats. Each one brings inspiration and hope to me as a parent.

  5. Patty says:

    I have mine that I got back in 1997 the original.

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  7. Loretta webb says:

    My sister in law got an Angelman tattoo for my daughter her niece and I would like to summit it to your blog let me know if I can thanks

  8. Austin Medlin says:

    I have one for my little brother with Angelman and would love to share it!

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